DC leakage Current Sensor

The leakage current sensor is a current sensor developed using the principle of magnetic modulation. It is used as a leakage current measurement, monitoring, and small current measurement and monitoring device. Leakage current sensors are installed around the positive and negative output lines of the DC circuit. When the device is running, the signals output by the sensors in each branch are detected in real time. When the branch circuit insulation condition is normal, the current flowing through the sensor is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, and its output signal is zero; when the branch circuit is grounded, a differential current flows through the leakage current sensor, and the sensor output is not zero. Therefore, by detecting the output signals of each branch sensor, the grounding branch of the DC system can be determined. This principle has high line selection accuracy and is not affected by line distributed capacitance.
ModelImageRated input(A)Rated output voltage(V)Current consumption(mA)Supply voltage(V)Overall accuraty(%)Linearity(%)Frequency bandwidth-3db(KHz)Response time(us)Document