Bipolar Technology Hall Element

Latching Hall Switches


The HK401, utilizing Bipolar technology, integrates essential components on a single chip, such as a Hall element voltage generator, voltage regulator for operation within a wide voltage range (3.8 to 60V), reverse voltage protection, temperature compensation circuitry, small-signal amplifier, Schmitt trigger, and an open-collector output. This versatile sensor detects both North and South poles of a magnetic field. The HK401 comes in various package options, including TO-92 and SOT-23, all of which comply with RoHS standards.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Miniature construction

High sensitivity of +/-55 Gauss (typ.)

Wide voltage range of 3.8 Vdc to 60 Vdc

Temperature range of -40 °C to 150 °C

Highest ESD performance up to ±4 kV

Open Collector Output


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