High voltage and strong anti-noise bipolar Hall switch

Latching Hall Switches


The HK401F is a high-voltage bipolar Hall switch chip crafted using a specialized high-voltage bipolar manufacturing process. This chip integrates a voltage stabilizing unit, Hall voltage generator, differential amplifier circuit, temperature compensation circuit, and an open-collector output circuit. It operates by sensing magnetic flux density and producing a corresponding digital voltage signal. The HK401F is renowned for its resilience against high voltage surges and robust noise resistance, making it suitable for diverse applications in electronic consumption, automotive, and industrial control. It is available in TO92S inline packaging, SMT SOT23-3L packaging, and adheres to ROHS standards for environmentally friendly packaging.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Open collector output


Operating voltage:3.0V~60V

Overvoltage protection capability:80V

Maximum driving current :30mA

Operating temperature range:-40℃~150℃

Power pin reverse voltage protection


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