High voltage resistant and high sensitivity unipolar Hall switch chip

Unipolar Hall Switches


HK422, unipolar Hall effect switch, designed with Bipolar technology, is south sensitive unipolar HalEffective switch and includes on-chip Hall element voltage generator, a voltage regulator for operationwith supply voltages of 3.5 to 40V, temperature compensation circuitry, small-signal amplifier, Schmitttrigger and an open-collector output. The sensor is designed to respond to South poles. While the magnetic flux density(B) is larger than operate point Bop,the output will be turned on with low output level. Then the output is held until the magnetic flux (B) is lower than release point Brp. The output will be turned off with high output level. AH422 offers a variety of packages, including TO-92, SOT-23. All packages are ROHS compliant.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Miniature construction

High sensitivity of 30/20Gauss (typ.)

Wide voltage range of 3.5 Vdc to 40 Vdc

Temperature range of -40 °C to125 °C

Highest ESD performance up to ±4 kV

Open Collector Output


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