CMOS process omni-polar Hall low-power switch

Ominipolar Hall Switches


HK466M is designed and produced using CMOS technology. It is a south pole and north pole sensitive low-power omnipolar Hall effect switch. The device integrates a voltage regulator, a Hall voltage generator, a small signal amplifier, a chopper regulator, and schmitt-trigger and push-pull output.The sensor has the characteristics of good temperature stability, strong stress resistance and high sensitivity, and its operating voltage is 2.0-5.5V. HK466M provides TO-92S in-line package and SOT23-3L package. Both packages meet ROHS environmental protection standards.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Micro-power battery-powered applications

Highest ESD performance up to ±6kV

Omnipolar output switch

Push-pull output

Operating voltage 2.0-5.5V


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