Bipolar Hall Switch AEC-Q100 Automotive Electronics

Latching Hall Switches


The HK501 family features versatile Hall switches using BCDMOS technology. These 3-wire Hall sensors offer active offset compensation, ensuring consistent magnetic performance across supply voltages (2.7V to 30V) and temperatures (-40°C to 150°C). Designed for industrial and automotive applications, they use a comparator to control an output transistor based on magnetic flux, and they are robust against mechanical stress effects. Available in SOT23-3L and TO92S packages.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

SOT23-3L and TO92S packages

Low current consumptions of typ. 2.5 mA

Operates from 2.7 V to 30 V supply voltage

Over voltage protection capability up to 40 V

Highest ESD performance up to ±12 kV

Short-circuit protected open-drain output and thermal shut down for 3-wire applications

Magnetic characteristics are robust regarding mechanical stress effects

Constant switching points over a wide supply voltage and temperature range

Wide operating temperature range from -40 °C to 150 °C

The decrease of magnetic flux density caused by rising temperature in the sensor system is compensated by a built-in negative temperature coefficient of the magnetic characteristics

Reverse-voltage protection at Vcc pin

Ideal sensor for applications in extreme automotive and industrial environments

Qualified according to AEC-Q100 test standard for automotive electronics industry to provide the highest quality expectation


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