Bipolar Hall switch with strong mechanical stress resistance

Latching Hall Switches


HK505 is a highly sensitive bipolar Hall switch chip designed based on VICORV technology. The chip includes temperature compensation, comparator, and output driver. In addition, mechanical stress has little effect on the magnetic parameters of the chip. The series of chip sensors is suitable for industrial and automotive applications, with an ambient temperature range of -40 ℃ to 150 ℃ and supply voltage range of 2.7V to 30V. HK505 provides a variety of packages to customers: TO92S、SOT23. All packages are RoHs compliant. The product has passed AEC-Q100 certification

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

AEC-Q100 Grade 0 Automotive Level Certification

Operating Vcc Range:2.7V~30V


high mechanical stress suppression ability

Temperature range:-40℃~150℃

The decrease of magnetic flux density caused by rising temperature is compensated by the built in negative temperature coefficient

Reverse-voltage protection at Vcc pin

Suitable for automobiles and industries


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