Speed & Direction Hall sensor family with

Latching Hall Switches


The HK70X / HK71X is a versatile Hall sensor family designed for speed and direction sensing, featuring two Hall sensing elements. These sensors generate two digital signals for precise speed and direction processing. Internally, they incorporate two Hall sensing elements spaced 1.63mm apart, an integrated Hall voltage generator, a voltage regulator accommodating supply voltages from 3.8 to 30V, temperature compensation circuitry, a small-signal amplifier, and a dynamic offset cancellation system. The HK70X / HK71X family offers multiple packaging options, including flat TO-94 for through-hole mounting and SOP8 for surface mounting, all in compliance with RoHS standards.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

1.63mm Hall Elements Spacing

Magnetic Type: Bipolar Switch

Operating Voltage Range:Supply Voltage 3.8 to 30V

Highest ESD performance up to ±5 kV

Reverse voltage protection

Specified Operating Temperature Range:From -40℃ to 150℃

Multiple Magnetic Sensitivity:

BOP=40Gauss, BRP=-40Gauss

BOP=75Gauss, BRP=-75Gauss

BOP=130Gauss, BRP=-130Gauss

Lead Free Package

Flat TO94, SOP8

High ESD Rating

ROHS Compliant



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