High-precision linear—Hall-angle position sensor

High Sensitivity Hall Effect Sensors


TheHX694 series represents high-performance linear Hall-Effect sensors responsive to both permanent and electromagnet fields. Their output voltage varies proportionally to the magnetic field strength and is set by the supply voltage.Each sensor integrates a Hall element, temperature compensation circuitry for minimal sensitivity drift, a high-gain amplifier, and a low-impedance output stage. Designed for precision, they excel in automotive and industrial applications across a wide temperature range (-40℃ to 125℃). Available in TO92S and SOT89 packages, both of which are lead(Pb) free with matte tin lead frame plating, these devices offer flexibility and compliance with ROHS standards.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Low-noise output with enhanced accuracy

Ratiometric rail-to-rail output

4.5 to 10.5V supply voltage range

High operation frequency

Output voltage proportional to magnetic flux density

Highest ESD performance up to ±4 kV

-40℃to 125℃ wide temperature range

Fast power-on time

Precise recoverability after temp. cycling

3-pin SIP and SOT89 package are available RoHS Compliant



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