Monolithic Programmable Hall Effect Linear Sensor

Programmable Hall Sensors


The VICORV's HX810 adopts over current protection with high bandwidth dynamic offset cancellation technology. In the absence of a magnetic field, the static output can be selected as 50% VCC or a fixed value of 2.5V. The internally integrated dynamic imbalance elimination circuit ensures that the sensitivity of the IC is not affected by external pressure and IC packaging stress.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

single-chip programmable

Accuracy (typical): ±1mv@25°C

High linearity: ±0.1%@25°C

High bandwidth: 120kHz

Output response time: 4μs (typical value)

Stability over operating range: 1.5%@25℃~150℃; 1%@-40℃~25℃

50% VCC output or a fixed 2.5V output;

Low noise analog signal path;

Strong anti-interference ability;

Strong resistance to mechanical stress, and the magnetic field parameters are not offset by external pressure;


Operating temperature:-40℃~150℃;

Passed RoHS certification:(EU)2015/863。


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