BCD process programmable Hall effect linear sensor

Programmable Hall Sensors


The HX810S is a programmable Hall effect linear sensor produced using advanced BCD technology. It combines a high-sensitivity Hall sensor, precise Hall temperature compensation, signal preamplification, and dynamic offset elimination circuitry. This sensor allows users to adjust its sensitivity and static output voltage through programming, enhancing flexibility for different applications. With features like overcurrent protection and dynamic offset cancellation, it maintains accuracy even under varying conditions.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Single chip programmable

Accuracy (typical value): + 1mV@25°C

High linearity: ±0.1%@25°C ;

High bandwidth: 65kHz;

Output response time: 4us (typical value) ;

Stability within the working range:1.5%@25°C~150°C; 1%@-40C~25°C;

Vour fixed 2.5V output ;

VREF fixed output 2.5V;

Low noise analog signal path ;

Strong anti-interference ability ;

Strong resistance to mechanical stress, and themagnetic field parameters are not offset byexternal pressure;

ESD(HBM): 5kV;

Operating temperature: -40°C~150C;

Passed RoHS certification: (EU) 2015/863


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