Up to 280A, Full automatic encapsulation assembly, Isolated Current Sensor

Current Sensor Chips


The SC780 is a member of VICORV's integrated current sensor product line, the industry's first fully automatic plastic seal assembly of fully integrated current detection module, the industry's first from chip design to module assembly process development of fully autonomous and controlled open-loop Hall-type current sensor module.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

5 kV RMS minimum isolation voltage

Can measure DC and AC current

Lowest Current conductor impedance :0.08mΩ

20kA 8/20uS surge current bearing capacity

Response time as low as 4uS

Optional unidirectional current detection mode

Wide operation temp. range:-40℃~125℃

Wide range of measured current :50A~280A

Total output error <1% @TA =25°C, <3% for full temperature range.

Strong driving ability, support the output port to connect to the load as low as 3k

Extremely simple peripheral circuit

It is not interfered by wire magnetic field, external magnetic field and geomagnetic field


From chip to assembly, independent research and development, no technical dependence

ModelSpecial CodeTemp RangePackagingIP(A) *³Vout@IP=0ASens@VCC=5V(mv/A)EncapsulationDownload
SC780-050B-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package±50B(0.5Vcc)40PFFDownload Doc
SC780-100B-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package±100B(0.5Vcc)20PFF
SC780-150B-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package±150B(0.5Vcc)13.33PFF
SC780-200B-PFF--40 to 8540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package±200B(0.5Vcc)10PFF
SC780-250B-PFF--40 to 8540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package±250B(0.5Vcc)8PFF
SC780-280B-PFF--40 to 8540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package±280B(0.5Vcc)7.14PFF
SC780-050U-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package50U(0.1Vcc)80PFF
SC780-100U-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package100U(0.1Vcc)40PFF
SC780-150U-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package150U(0.1Vcc)26.66PFF
SC780-200U-PFF--40 to 8540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package200U(0.1Vcc)20PFF