3.3V Powered, 200A, Fully Automated Plastic Assembled, Current Sensor Module

Current Sensor Chips


The SC783 is a member of the VICORV's fully integrated current sensor product line, the industry's first fully integrated current detection module with fully automated molded assembly, and the industry's first open-loop Hall current sensor module developed from the chip design to the assembly process of the module, which is fully self-controllable.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Isolated measurement, isolated withstanding voltage up to 5kv @50HZ, 1 minute.

Can measure DC, and AC current

Lowest current lead impedance: 0.08mΩ

20kA 8/20uS inrush current capability

Response time as low as 4uS

Optional unidirectional current detection mode

Wide operating temperature range: -40°C~125°C

Wide measured current range: 50A~200A

High accuracy: <1% accuracy error at room temperature

Operating temperature range: <3% precision error

Strong driving capability, support output port to connect load as low as 2kΩ.

Extremely simple and easy to use peripheral circuitry

No interference from power line magnetic field, external magnetic field, or geomagnetic field.

Self-developed, no technology dependency

ModelSpecial CodeTemp RangePackagingIP(A) *³Vout@IP=0ASens@VCC=5V(mv/A)Encapsulation
SC783-050B-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package± 50B(0.5Vcc)26.4PFF
SC783-100B-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package± 100B(0.5Vcc)13.2PFF
SC783-150B-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package± 150B(0.5Vcc)8.8PFF
SC783-200B-PFF--40 to 8540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package± 200B(0.5Vcc)6.6PFF
SC783-250B-PFF--40 to 8540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package± 250B(0.5Vcc)5.28PFF
SC783-280B-PFF--40 to 8540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package± 280B(0.5Vcc)4.72PFF
SC783-050U-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package50U(0.12Vcc)39.6PFF
SC783-100U-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package100U(0.12Vcc)26.4PFF
SC783-150U-PFF--40 to 12540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package150U(0.12Vcc)17.62PFF
SC783-200U-PFF--40 to 8540 PCs/pipe 20pipes/package200U(0.12Vcc)13.2PFF