SOP8, Differential output , High Accuracy, Current Sensor IC

Programmable Current Sensors


The VICORV's SC810 consists of a precise, low-offset, linear Hall sensor circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the die. Applied current flowing through this copper conduction path generates a magnetic field which is sensed by the Hall IC and converted into a proportional voltage. A precise, proportional voltage is provided by the low-offset, chopper-stabilized Linear Hall IC. which is programmed for accuracy after packaging.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Isolated measurement, isolation withstand voltage >3kv @50HZ, 1 min Can measure DC, and AC current

Extremely low current lead impedance: 0.8mΩ

Extremely wide current detection range, suitable for detecting ampere-level current

Supports Viout - Vref differential output mode

Built-in fixed reference, independent of supply voltage fluctuations

Selectable reference voltage modes: fixed 2.5v, 0.5Vcc, 0.1Vcc

Near zero zero voltage hysteresis

Response time as low as 2uS

Wide operating temperature range: -40°C~125°C

High accuracy: <1% accuracy error at room temperature

Operating temperature range: <3% accuracy error

Strong driving capability, support output port to connect load as low as 2.2kΩ.

Extremely simple and easy to use peripheral circuitry

Built-in IP overcurrent detection output function*not yet available

Supports fully automatic wave soldering and tape and reel packaging.

Uninterrupted by magnetic fields from wires, external magnetic fields, and geomagnetic fields.

High power supply rejection ratio

Self-developed, no technology dependence

ModelSpecial CodeTemp RangePackagingIP(A) *³Vout@IP=0ASens@VCC=5V(mv/A)EncapsulationDownload
SC810DFT-2P5F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±2.5F(2.5V)800 SOP-8Download Doc
SC810DFT-05F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±5F(2.5V)400 SOP-8
SC810DFT-10F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±10F(2.5V)200 SOP-8
SC810DFT-20F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±20F(2.5V)100 SOP-8
SC810DFT-25F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±25F(2.5V)80 SOP-8
SC810DFT-30F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±30F(2.5V)66 SOP-8
SC810DFT-40F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±40F(2.5V)50 SOP-8
SC810DFT-50F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±50F(2.5V)40 SOP-8
SC810DFT-60F5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±60F(2.5V)33.33 SOP-8
SC810DFT-25I5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±25I [4] (=Vref input voltage)80 SOP-8
SC810DFT-30I5D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±30I [4] (=Vref input voltage)66 SOP-8
SC810DFT-30I5-100D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)+30I=1V66 SOP-8
SC810DFT-50I5-050D (Differential mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)+50I=50 V40 SOP-8
SC810RFT-10U5RF(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)+10U(0.1Vcc)264 SOP-8
SC810FFT-10B5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±10B(0.5Vcc)200 SOP-8
SC810FFT-25B5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±25B(0.5Vcc)80 SOP-8
SC810FFT-30B5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±30B(0.5Vcc)66 SOP-8
SC810FFT-40B5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±40B(0.5Vcc)50 SOP-8
SC810FFT-50B5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)±50B(0.5Vcc)40 SOP-8
SC810FFT-10U5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)+10U(0.1Vcc)400 SOP-8
SC810FFT-20U5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)+20U(0.1Vcc)200 SOP-8
SC810FFT-30U5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)+30U(0.1Vcc)133 SOP-8
SC810FFT-40U5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)+40U(0.1Vcc)100 SOP-8
SC810FFT-50U5F (Servo mode)F(-40~125℃)T (3000pcs/reel)+50U(0.1Vcc)80 SOP-8