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Vicorv is a professional manufacturer of BLDC motor hall sensors, linear position sensors, and high-quality replacements of A3144, SS49E, 41F, and more. Find technical details in our datasheet to elevate your sensing solutions.

Variants for Every Need

We provide unipolar, bipolar, omnipolar hall sensors with analog or digital output, or even programmable ones, tailored for your needs.

Versatile Applications

Commonly seen in automotives, motors, e-bikes... Monitor RPM, speed, rotation, position, and distance with reliability.

Diverse Packages

Our hall sensors are offered in SOT23, TO92S, SOP-8, TO94, and SOT89 packages, with maximum freedom & compatibility for your products in mind.

Our Products


Hall Sensors

Our Hall sensors offer precise direction and speed measurement, making them the ideal replacement for the A3144 model. Trust in our high-performance solutions for your sensing needs.

hall switch

Hall Switches

We offer unipolar, bipolar, omnipolar, latching, and non-latching variants with or without high voltage capabilities. Choose our superior alternatives to the 41F and other models.

Linear Hall Sensors

This is a small, multifunctional and economical linear Hall sensor, with the static output voltage set by the power supply voltage. The working temperature is -40 ° C to 150 ° C, and the power supply is between 3V and 12V, suitable for consumer electronics, industrial, and medical environments.

Current Sensors

Ideal replacements of ACS712, ACS758, ACS780, and more. With options for 30 amp, 72 amp, and even programmable ones, our products excel in demanding electrical environments.

Looking for High-quality Replacements of

Allegro, Melexis, Honeywell, LEM, AKM, TI, ADI, ST?

We got you covered at more competitive price.

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled Expertise
Backed by a team of industry experts, we possess a deep understanding of Hall sensor technology and its applications. This expertise allows us to offer tailored solutions that address specific challenges across industries.

Comprehensive Product Range
Our extensive catalog showcases an array of Hall sensor solutions, from precision engineering to rugged industrial applications. This diversity ensures that our customers find the perfect sensor for their unique needs.

Wholesale Advantage
We take pride in offering wholesale pricing that empowers our customers with cost-effective solutions. As a reputable manufacturer, we bring the benefits of bulk purchasing to businesses of all sizes.

Client Testimonials

"Working with VICORV has been a game-changer for our automotive production. Their diverse range of Hall sensor solutions has enabled us to enhance the performance and efficiency of our vehicles. The quality of the sensors, along with their exceptional customer service, has solidified them as our preferred manufacturer. They truly understand our industry's demands."
Ethan from an Automotive Manufacturer
As a startup in the IoT space, finding a reliable supplier for our Hall sensor needs was crucial. VICORV not only provided us with top-notch sensor solutions but also guided us through the selection process, ensuring we made the right choices. Their personalized attention, along with the quality of their products, has contributed significantly to our early success.
Liam from a Technology Startup
"We rely on precision and accuracy in our medical devices, and VICORV has been instrumental in meeting our requirements. Their range of medical-grade Hall sensors has been essential for our applications, and their commitment to quality aligns perfectly with our values. It's rare to find a solution provider that combines technical excellence with outstanding customer support."
Emma from a Medical Device Manufacturer
"In the energy sector, reliability is paramount, and that's exactly what we've found in VICORV. Their Hall sensor solutions have not only met but exceeded our expectations for durability and performance. Their ability to provide tailored solutions for our unique needs has set them apart from other distributors. We're grateful for their partnership."
Thomas from an Energy Solutions Provider


At VICORV, we stand at the forefront of innovation as a premier manufacturer of cutting-edge hall sensor solutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have earned our reputation as a trusted partner in the industry, offering a wide range of sensor solutions that cater to diverse applications across various sectors.

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Yes, it can operate at -55°C. However, there might be a slight error of approximately 5%. Using a secondary filter, as necessary, can resolve this issue.

The product’s output type varies across different models. Some models provide analog output, which can be connected to a microcontroller or measuring devices for data monitoring, while certain models offer digital output, serving as switching or judgment signals.

The device facilitates current/voltage monitoring with a linear output of a fixed value, combined with a voltage value that increases proportionally with the measured parameter.

The accuracy may be affected and in such cases, it’s recommended to use a large-range current sensor (STK-BS/X).

Our primary focus is on sensor chips for current detection, magnetic field detection, temperature detection, and more. Additionally, we provide a range of other sensors including switch/breaker, temperature and humidity, position, speed, and angle sensors, as well as power supply and power distribution system products.

Yes, we offer direct replacements for Allegro’s ACS range that can be used in the same application.

Certainly, we provide cost-effective, direct replacements for the ACS758 series of sensors that can be seamlessly integrated.

Our current sensors are capable of measuring a range of 0 to 200A.

Our current sensors are offered in SOP-8 standard size packages.


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