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More Than A Supplier Of Hall Effect Current Sensors

Shenzhen VICORV Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to the professional market fields of aviation, railroad and marine, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for current sensors, circuit breakers, contactors, SSPC, solid state power controllers, etc. We have set up an office and a factory in Shenzhen, and an import and export company in Hong Kong, as a platform to provide customers with fast, stable, durable, high-quality "one-stop" service, providing a full range of products and solutions for customers' research and development and production.

Supply Capacity

  • Mission

    To achieve both material and spiritual happiness for all

  • Vision

    Leading supplier of intelligent distribution systems in China

  • Values

    Diligence, dedication, unity, and win-win

  • 1


    Continuously innovate to meet market demand before innovating our own marketing strategies.

  • 2


    Maintain entrepreneurial spirit and continuously expand for new markets and businesses.

  • 3


    Putting customers first and aiming to meet their needs.

  • 4


    A good team atmosphere, emphasizing the empowerment and development of employees.

  • 5


    Maintain a rigorous work attitude and ensure that every aspect is done to the best.

  • 6


    Establishing a harmonious corporate culture, promoting internal communication and collaboration.

  • 7

    Fighting spirit:

    Maintain a high level of fighting spirit and constantly challenge ourselves.


CCC Certificate

CCC Certificate







Supply Capacity

Shenzhen Weikewei Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sales of current sensor chips, with advanced technological strength and large-scale production capacity. Having a high-quality R&D team, advanced production equipment, and complete production processes, we can ensure the high quality and stable supply of our products, making us the preferred supplier for many well-known enterprises.

  • Production Capacity

    The company has modern production equipment and complete production processes, which ensures the high quality and stable supply of products. In addition, we have a series of technical accumulation and experience in the design, manufacturing, and testing of current sensor chips, catering to the needs of different customers. In addition, our high level supply chain management enables us to ensure timely procurement of raw materials and components.

  • Delivery Deadline

    We have established a comprehensive import and export management system, which can provide customized services according to customer needs, including order processing, logistics delivery, etc. In addition, Wakeway Technology has established strategic partnerships with multiple international logistics companies to ensure timely and safe delivery of goods to customers.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We are constantly optimizing our production processes and reducing manufacturing costs, resulting in relatively low product prices. At the same time, Wakeway Technology also focuses on improving product quality and R&D innovation capabilities, providing customers with cost-effective products.

At the same time, we also provide customers with a series of customized services, including product customization, after-sales support, etc., which has won the trust and praise of customers.

Features of Our Current Sensor Chips

  • High Measurement Accuracy:

    The measurement error is less than ± 0.5%.

  • Low Temperature Drift:

    The temperature coefficient is small and can maintain stable measurement accuracy in different temperature environments.

  • Wide working voltage range:

    Capable of stable operation over a wide voltage range.

  • High Stability:

    After prolonged operation, the performance of the sensor will not change.

  • High Reliability:

    Adopting high-quality materials and strict production processes to ensure product life and stability.

In terms of market expansion, Wakeway Technology will continue to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, actively expanding new applications and markets. At the same time, the company will also increase research and development investment, continuously launching more advanced and efficient current sensor chip products to meet the growing needs of our customers. In short, we have strong supply capacity and technical strength. In the future, we will continue to maintain our leading position in technology and provide customers with high quality products and services.