FAE Support

FAE Support

Shenzhen Weikewei Technology Co., Ltd. has rich technical support experience, a professional technical support team, diversified technical support channels, and a leading level of technical support. These advantages enable Wakeway Technology to provide customers with more high-quality and efficient technical support services.

  • Rich Experience In International Trade

    Wakeway Technology has been committed to exploring the international trade market for a long time. We have accumulated rich international trade experience in the research and development, production, and sales of current sensor chips, and can provide targeted technical solutions for customers in different countries.
  • Global Technical Support Network

    Wakeway Technology has established a comprehensive technical support network worldwide, which can respond to customer needs in a timely manner and provide efficient technical support services. The company has established a strategic partnership with international logistics companies to ensure timely and safe delivery of goods to customers. In addition, Wakeway Technology also has a multilingual technical support team that can communicate with customers without language barriers.
  • Professional FAE Team

    The FAE technical support team of Wakeway Technology is composed of a group of experienced engineers with solid professional knowledge and technical capabilities. They are able to provide customers with fast and accurate technical support, solving various technical problems and difficulties.
  • Advanced R&D Capabilities

    Wakeway Technology has advanced technological research and development capabilities in the field of current sensor chips. We have a high-level R&D team, continuously investing a large amount of R&D resources and launching competitive products to provide customers with higher quality technical support services.

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