High Sensitivity Hall Effect Sensors

A high sensitivity Hall sensor is an advanced electronic device designed to detect even the slightest changes in magnetic fields with exceptional accuracy. Its heightened sensitivity makes it capable of capturing subtle variations, making it ideal for applications that require precise monitoring of magnetic fields, such as detecting small movements or changes in proximity. This sensor’s ability to pick up minute magnetic changes sets it apart, enabling it to provide reliable and precise data in various industries and scenarios.
ModelImageOperating VoltageReverse VoltageMagnetic Operate PointMagnetic Release PointOperating Temperature RangePackageAlternative toP7Document
HX6944.5V-10.5V-0.5 VVCC = 5.00V3.75-40 to125°CTo92S SOT89SS495ADownload
HK6954.5V-10.5VTyp 50% Vcc6--40to125°CTo92S SOT89-Download
HK6023V-12VTyp 50% Vcc2.5/1.6525-40to150°CSOT23 TO92SSS49E/SS39E/HX6659Download
HX6033V-12VTyp 50% Vcc3.25/225-40to125°CSOT23 TO92SSS49E/SS39E/MT9103/HX6659Download
HX6934.5V-10.5VTyp 50% Vcc3--40to125°CTo92S SOT89SS495ADownload

Key Features of High Sensitivity Hall Sensor

Unparalleled Sensitivity: Experience precise and swift detection like never before. Our Hall Sensor boasts exceptional sensitivity, enabling real-time recognition of even the slightest changes.

Reliable Performance: Trust in consistent and dependable results. With advanced technology, our sensor delivers unwavering performance, meeting the demands of the most critical applications.

Versatile Integration: Seamlessly integrate our sensor into your systems. Its adaptable design ensures easy installation across diverse setups, saving you valuable time and effort.

Dynamic Applications: From automotive advancements to industrial automation, our High Sensitivity Hall Sensor finds application across a wide spectrum of industries, showcasing its versatility and innovation.

Compact Design: Experience power-packed performance in a compact form factor. Our sensor’s sleek design doesn’t compromise on capabilities, fitting seamlessly into constrained spaces.